The Sadao Watanabe Collection

The art of SADAO WATANABE at the Prince Broekhuizen Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI

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  • Born in 1913, Sadao Watanabe was baptized a Christian at 17 and devoted his life to depicting stories of the Bible in a visual language understandable to the Japanese. Using katazome, the traditional Japanese folk art of stencil dying used with kimonos, Watanabe followed his teacher Keizuke Serizawa in applying this process to paper. Finding inspiration in the mingei (folk arts) movement, Watanabe worked with his wife to produce each stencil and print on handmade paper. Over his career, which spanned nearly 50 years, Watanabe produced hundreds of works. As a result, he has come to be Japan’s leading artist to portray biblical scenes.

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  • Christmas

    Sadao Watanabe, 1964


This exhibition brings together 16 original momogami and washi prints from the collection of Calvin College. These works are all drawn from the New Testament, with an emphasis on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. In addition, a rare print of John Calvin is included. It was commissioned by the Japan Calvin Translation Society, one of the few non-biblical works that Watanabe created.

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